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Expert Witness Services Marine Since 1983 Norman Lynagh has frequently been instructed as an Expert Witness in marine-related cases arising from incidents all over the world. To enable us to to carry out this work  we maintain a continually updated  worldwide archive of weather observations and numerical model output. Using this archive we are able to investigate past weather events anywhere in the world over the past 35 years and more. We can, for example, provide analysis of: Winter storms in all oceans Hurricanes and typhoons Swell offshore South Africa NE monsoon conditions in the South China Sea Ice in the Baltic Sea Local weather conditions affecting ports                                  ............and any other subject of relevance to a case We can answer most, if not all of your weather queries, such as: Was there a gale?  How high were the waves? Were the weather forecasts accurate? Was the visibility poor? Was the weather unusual for the time of year? Does published material give warning of the type of weather experienced?    
Norman Lynagh is available to give evidence in Court when required.
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